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    Sizing roof vents

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    Cutting hvac costs

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    Venting mechanical rooms

  • Sizing Air Conditioners

    To avoid callbacks, many hvac subs size air conditioners using methods that inflate the cooling load. The result is an oversized unit that cools the air, but operates inefficiently and does a poor job of reducing indoor humidity. Three energy engineers explain how to achieve proper cooling without...

  • Heating System Tuneups

    Most furnaces and boilers more than five years old can benefit from modifications that will improve performance. A seasoned hvac contractor explains which upgrades will be most cost-effective for gas- and oil-fired systems.

  • Duct Design Basics

    Budget, climate, and construction details all influence duct design for heating and air conditioning. An hvac engineer explains how to choose a layout that guarantees client comfort.

  • Simple Whole-House Ventilation

    For small, tight houses and apartments, full-blown mechanical ventilation systems may be overkill. Here’s a tested approach that uses an upgraded bath fan, a programmable timer, and a few air inlets to guarantee fresh air at minimal cost.

  • Troubleshooting Water Heaters

    Most water heater problems can be solved quickly and at little cost — if you know what to look for. Two water heater specialists explain the step-by-step procedures for finding and fixing trouble.

  • Case Study: Roof Ventilation Retrofit

    If you’ve ever considered skimping on ventilation details, think again. This moisture-damaged roof system is an extreme case, but it teaches an important lesson about doing the job right the first time.

  • Adding Ventilation to Forced-Air Heat

    Mechanical ventilation doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. This simple system has dried up moisture problems for one builder.