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  • Helical Pile Foundations

    Contractors weigh in on the advantages of helical piles over concrete tubes,in this thread from 2012.

  • Raise, Don't Raze, the House

    As work heats up along U.S. coastlines to meet new flood elevations,contractors are jumping in to get new work elevating houses. Reports of dropped houses abound, but one Long Island builder has figured out how to do it right.

  • Elevating Houses

    From financing to compacting fresh fill, we take an in-depth look at elevating a home.

  • A New York City Passive House: First, Get Out the Shovels

    A Passive House gut-rehab of a historic brick row house in Brooklyn starts at the bottom: with shovels, in the basement.

  • Stepped Buttresses for a Row House Basement

    As part of a major gut-renovation project on a historic Brooklyn row house, contractor Jose Maldonado and his crew excavated a new, lower basement space. The tricky part: buttressing the shared foundation walls that support neighboring homes along with the project house.

  • Retrofit Exterior Foundation Insulation

    Is there a minimally invasive, cost-competitive, easily deployable method of upgrading soil-side foundation insulation in existing buildings? Read on.

  • FEMA Grants Will Lift Rhode Island Houses

    Town officials in Westerly, Rhode Island, have FEMA money to spend to lifting houses along the beach.

  • Homeowners Stiffed On Claims for Flood-Damaged Foundations

    Some homeowners with foundations damaged by Sandy flooding are finding they can’t collect on their flood insurance policies.

  • House Rotation

    The current owners contracted to have the house placed on a new foundation … but not before rotating it 90 degrees

  • Formwork for Carpenters

    Developed by a Utah contractor, the Spider Tie system is for builders and remodelers who want to do their own formwork