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More stories about Framing

  • Slow Burner

    Weyerhaeuser’s Flak Jacket is an intumescent fire-resistant coating for Trus Joist TJIs

  • Band-Joist Solution

    Fill the fire-rated Insul Cube with blown insulation, then friction-fit between the joists

  • Chappell Master Framer Square

    This precise, American-made, stainless-steel layout instrument has unique decimal scales and patented rafter tables

  • Ultimate Framer

    With the Chappell Master Framer, you can calculate cuts for complex roof frames

  • Repairable Moment Frame

    The Strong Frame SMF withstands earthquakes better than most special moment frames, says Simpson

  • Framing Fix for a Faulty Foundation

    A foundation that is out-of-level and out-of-square can be fixed by shimming the joists, notching the plates, and adjusting their position on the foundation wall.

  • Heavy-Duty Truss Hangers

    Simpson's new truss hangers are said to have some of the highest loads in the industry

  • Framing Decks With Steel Joists

    A New Jersey deck builder describes the advantages of steel framing

  • Roof Truss Repair

    Field repairs should always be designed by an engineer

  • Lifting a 600-Pound Beam

    Contributors to the Rough Framing Forum discuss preferred ways to lift heavy framing members