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  • Easy Dome

    The Universal Dome Kit simplifies the framing for an elegant ceiling detail

  • Rigid Insulation Baffle

    The Smart Baffle is made from corrugated plastic and comes in versions for 16-inch and 24-inch framing

  • Threads from the JLC Forums

    A nasty fall and 21-gauge finish nailers

  • Bracing Walls for Wind

    You can frame a wall without hiring an engineer -- but plan review may give you brain cramps

  • Drying Wet Framing

    In tight houses, make sure the frame is dry before closing up the walls

  • Framing a Roof With I-Joists

    Tips and tricks for working efficiently with I-joist rafters

  • Slow Burner

    Weyerhaeuser’s Flak Jacket is an intumescent fire-resistant coating for Trus Joist TJIs

  • Band-Joist Solution

    Fill the fire-rated Insul Cube with blown insulation, then friction-fit between the joists

  • Chappell Master Framer Square

    This precise, American-made, stainless-steel layout instrument has unique decimal scales and patented rafter tables

  • Ultimate Framer

    With the Chappell Master Framer, you can calculate cuts for complex roof frames