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  • Conventional Roof Framing: A Code's-Eye View

    When it’s boiled down, there are essentially two standard methods of roof construction, each having some flexibility. We explore both.

  • Product: Laufen Tuna

    As part of Il Bagno Alessi's One project, Stefano Giovannoni designed lavatory furniture and accessories based on his high regard for the bathroom as a private space.

  • Building Safer Decks

    Decks have seen little attention from building codes over the years, despite the fact that they often bear the weight of parties and public gatherings.

  • Bornholm Kitchen Cabinet and Furniture line

    Cabinet and furniture line with a Scandinavian sensibility.

  • Stair-Builder's Tool Kit

    For short cash and a little effort, you’ll save lots of time on your next handrail installation.

  • On the Job

    An unlikely window; bench bump-outs expand a narrow porch

  • Tool Test: 12-Inch Chop Saws

    You won't go wrong with any of these tools, but vertical cutting capacity, portability, and innovative features

  • On the Job

    Office on wheels; all-weather blueprints

  • Toolbox

    New cap nailers from Bostitch and Spotnails; DeWalt D24000 tile saw; framing; safety gear

  • Toolbox

    DeWalt 745 table saw; cordless drills; ladders