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More stories about Grants

  • Communities Mandate the Removal of Wood Roofing

    In an effort to curb the risk of wildfire destroying homes, more and more western communities push for the removal of existing wood roofing.

  • Government Shutdown To Hamper Hurricane Sandy Recovery

    The deadlock in Washington means more trouble for Hurricane Sandy victims.

  • Small Builders Feel Excluded by New Jersey Rebuilding Grant Program

    There’s big money in New Jersey’s recovery fund. But will small builders see any of it?

  • NSP Competitive Grants Announced

    Nearly 60 grantees were awarded $2 billion under the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) funds, announced the Department of Housing and Urban Development on Jan. 15.

  • MassHousing Awards Grant to Sober HousingProject

    MassHousing has approved $150,000 in funding to help create 11 units of affordable housing for women in recovery and their children in New Bedford, Mass.

  • Iowa Announces Housing Grants

    Six affordable housing initiatives in Iowa will share in $2.2 million, announced Gov. Chet Culver.

  • HOPE VI Grants Push Housing and EducationLinks

    Six public housing authorities (PHAs) have been awarded $113.6 million in HOPE VI grants to transform distressed public housing units, with an added twist of incorporating early childhood education programs into their plans.

  • NeighborWorks Awards Rehab Grants

    NeighborWorks America has awarded $35 million to 117 local NeighborWorks organizations and two NeighborWorks-affiliated capital corporations to rehabilitate affordable housing nationwide.

  • Federal Home Loan Banks Award AHP Grants

    The Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco recently awarded $32.5 million in Affordable Housing Program (AHP) grants while the FHLBank of New York awarded $29.7 million in funds

  • LISC Receives Grant Under New Social Innovation Fund

    The Local Initiatives Support Corp. (LISC) has been awarded $4.2 million under the Obama administration’s new Social Innovation Fund (SIF) to extend the reach of LISC Financial Opportunity Centers and help low- and moderate-income families realize l