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More stories about Grounds, Parks and Roadside Maintenance

  • A $1.8M Tear Down

    A $1.8 million waterfront house built on the wrong lot must be removed

  • Some Homeowners At Odds With Contractors Over Sandy Rebuilding Work

    In any major disaster, some repair and rebuilding jobs result in disputes. Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey is no exception.

  • Government Shutdown To Hamper Hurricane Sandy Recovery

    The deadlock in Washington means more trouble for Hurricane Sandy victims.

  • Sandy-Damaged Wiring Caused Boardwalk Fire

    The fire that wreaked havoc on a section of New Jersey boardwalk was sparked by wiring damaged in last year’s hurricane flooding, authorities say.

  • Boston Harbor Lighthouse Gets A New Owner, And A Future

    Special-effects expert Dave Waller has a new project to keep him busy in his spare time: restoring and preserving a historic lighthouse at the outer edge of the Boston Harbor.

  • Deck Failures Make The News

    The drumbeat of deck collapses continues as the summer party season wears on.

  • Fire Sprinkler Debate: Still Smoldering

    Firefighters and home builders are still at odds over the issue of proposed code rules that would require sprinkler systems in new homes.

  • Star Shines on Champion Park

    ROCKFORD, ILL. - Star Development became involved in Champion Park—a scattered-site development of 52 for-sale homes and 52 rental units—just when all hope seemed lost.

  • A Piece of Park City

    PARK CITY, UTAH -- There are two sides to resort towns. For visitors, they are worry-free vacation destinations, but for many workers in these communities, affordable housing is out of reach.

  • Highland Park, Ill.: City Adopts a SweepingApproach to Affordable Housing

    While other cities adopt one or two measures to promote the production of affordable housing, this city has embraced a comprehensive approach that includes a demolition tax, a trust fund, a land trust, and an inclusionary zoning ordinance.