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  • Senate Log-Jam Throws Flood Insurance Into Limbo

  • RenewAbility Heat Recovery

    By recovering heat from household wastewater, the Power-Pipe can reduce water-heating expenses by up to 40 percent, the maker says.

  • Installing an Efficient Noncondensing Boiler

    Tax credits are great, but does your client really need a condensing boiler?

  • JLC Report

    Can replacement windows live up to energy claims?; keeping basements dry; Florida prepares for global warming; more

  • Solar-Assisted Heat Pump

    Advertised as the first solar-assisted heat pump in the industry, the Lennox XPG20 Sun Source Comfort System has a photovoltaic panel that helps power the unit’s outside fan.

  • Balanced Energy-Recovery Ventilator

    Panasonic’s WhisperComfort Spot energy-recovery ventilator (ERV) is mounted in the ceiling like an exhaust fan, but — unlike a simple fan — it draws in fresh air to balance the volume of exhaust air while also transferring heat and humidity between the two air streams with its “capillary core”...

  • Efficient Heat-Recovery Ventilator

    When outside temperatures are a chilly 32°F, Venmar’s EKO 1.5 heat-recovery ventilator (HRV) uses a polypropylene core to transfer up to 75 percent of the heat from the exhaust to the supply air, says the manufacturer.

  • Programmable Bath Fan Controller

    Air-quality standards may require either continuous use or high-volume intermittent use of exhaust ventilation.

  • Boston Capital Invests in S.C. Development

    Boston Capital has invested in Grandview Apartments, a 72-unit development that is being built by apHumanities Foundation in Charleston, S.C.