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More stories about Heat-Recovery Systems

  • Super-Insulated Tank for Heating Fluid Storage

    Wouldn't it be nice to store excess heat generated by solar panels and biomass boilers in summer for heating during the winter? Here's a stab at a tank designed for the purpose.

  • Products

    Shower heat exchanger; snap-together footer form; itch-free batts; lightweight attic hoist; deck-ledger flashing; truck-seat protection; not-so-dusty drywall

  • Shower Heat Exchanger Can Save Energy

    Captures thermal energy from wastewater to preheat incoming cold supply.

  • Net Zero House for a Cold Climate

    An architect shares his plan and process for building a northern Vermont house that produces as much energy as it consumes.

  • Retrofitting a Heat-Recovery Ventilator

    The challenges are finding a good place for the unit and installing the ductwork without butchering interior finishes.

  • Efficient Heat-Recovery Ventilator

    When outside temperatures are a chilly 32°F, Venmar’s EKO 1.5 heat-recovery ventilator (HRV) uses a polypropylene core to transfer up to 75 percent of the heat from the exhaust to the supply air, says the manufacturer.

  • Retrofitting a High-Tech Heating System

    This design uses a gas boiler and solar thermal collectors as heat inputs, and incorporates an HRV into the air handler.

  • Leaky Air-Conditioner Coil

    After replacing both a condensate pan and a pump, the plumber fixing my client's leaky air-conditioning coil finally determined that the problem was actually in the condensate drain. The drain's small trap was clogged with a mucuslike substance; unclogging it was a simple repair that took just a...

  • Condensing Storage Water Heaters

    These heaters are up to 96 percent efficient and typically easier to retrofit than tankless models .

  • Products

    Windows; energy conservation