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  • Heating a Home With a Tankless Water Heater

    Even in a cold climate, these efficient units can provide both domestic hot water and whole-house heating.

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    With high fuel prices here to stay, now is the time to get it right.

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    Solar water heating has a proven record of cutting energy costs. Here's what you need to know to help customers choose the right system.

  • Ground-Source Heating & Cooling Gets Better

    Direct-exchange heat-pump technology is pushing energy efficiency through the roof, and because it requires far fewer feet of ground loop, systems can be retrofitted even on small lots.

  • High-End HVAC

    By Cheryl Weber. For years, M/I Homes has been touting its homes' energy efficiencies. Then three years ago, M/I Homes signed on with the EPA's Energy Star program, whose energy conservation standards are 30 percent higher than the 1993 Model Energy Code and 15 percent higher than state codes.

  • Problem-Solving Tools & Materials

    This year's collection of new products can help you work smarter and better.

  • A Simple New-House Manual

    A builder shares his approach to providing every home buyer with a customized owner's manual.

  • Backfill: Poor Man's HRV

    Poor man's HRV

  • Products

    Foundation insulation, router tables, cut-to-fit basement windows, heat sensor, smaller sander, tailgate stepladder, flexible molding, bendable drill bit, more

  • Products

    Bucket dolly, pivot-head ratchet wrench, flat speaker wires, retractable plumb bob, toolbox on wheels, more