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  • Roof Tile Fasteners for High-Wind Regions

    When it comes to securing roof tiles, minimum code recommendations may not be good enough. A seasoned roofing contractor discusses the right and wrong ways to install roof tiles in high-wind and seismically active areas.

  • Fiberglass vs. Cellulose: Making the Choice

    In the insulation industry’s version of the Chevy/Ford debate, builders are faced with conflicting claims and a host of distracting side issues. This no-nonsense comparison shows that, depending on the job, both materials perform well when used correctly.

  • A Guide to Construction Adhesives

    Does subfloor adhesive strengthen the floor system, or just prevent squeaks? Can you get a permanent bond between dissimilar materials? A wood products expert explains how elastomeric mastics work, and helps you choose the best one for the job.

  • Shopping for Wood Windows

    New windows sport a host of glazing, hardware, and finish options, as well as flexible custom features. Here’s a guide to help you sort through the choices.

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    Felt makes wrong-side vapor barrier

  • Rating OSB Performance

    Though it’s viewed with suspicion by some builders, oriented strand board performs as well as plywood when selected and installed correctly.

  • Focus on Energy: Choosing a High-Performance Sealant

    Choosing a sealant

  • Builder's Library: Modern Carpentry Update

  • Choosing Replacement Windows

    When it’s time to get rid of old, leaky double-hung windows, replacement kits and units are a cost-effective option. Here’s what’s available.

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