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  • Creating a New Foundation for an Old House

    Lifting and resupporting an early-1800s home on a tight site.

  • How to Calculate Unit Prices for Labor

    While unit prices for labor are available from a number of sources, the best source is a company's own job history. This article uses an example of framing an exterior wall to show how to use that data to calculate unit costs for labor based on material quantities.

  • DeWalt Mobile Pro Construction Calculator App

    JLC contributor Bruce Greenlaw weighs up the pros and cons of this construction calculator.

  • Home on the Pinecastle Jeep Range

    When a former munitions demonstration site and military training facility in Florida gets a new lease on life, complications arise for the area's residents.

  • Boston Harbor Lighthouse Gets A New Owner, And A Future

    Special-effects expert Dave Waller has a new project to keep him busy in his spare time: restoring and preserving a historic lighthouse at the outer edge of the Boston Harbor.

  • Build a Colonial-Style Fireplace Mantel

    A finish carpenter shares his inspiration and know-how for an elegant transformation of a fireplace opening.

  • Historically Accurate Moldings

    Georgian, Federal, and Greek Revival look-alike millwork

  • The Light Bulb: A Remembrance of Things Past

    Today, as many governments worldwide begin to enact legislation that will phase out incandescent lamps, the Pace Gallery is paying homage to the iconic, endangered form with a show that celebrates the light bulb's role as an artistic muse. "Burning, Bright: A Short History of the Light Bulb," is a...

  • A History of Eel-Grass Insulation

    A remodeler encountering a layer of Cabot's Quilt inside an old building might mistake it for the tattered remnants of a Hawaiian grass skirt -- hastily stuffed into a wall, perhaps, during a police raid of some Prohibition-era costume party.

  • Architects' Perception of Daylighting in Commercial Building Design

    From the Archive presents articles from the past 25 years, with new commentary from members of the lighting community.