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More stories about History

  • What Went Wrong at Runcorn?

    The demise of James Stirling's classically-inspired public housing project.

  • A View on Wright

    The Darwin D. Martin House Complex (1903–1905) in Buffalo, N.Y., stands as one of the early shining examples of the Prairie School, as well as one of Frank Lloyd Wright's most elaborate residential designs.

  • Rome Reborn

    In 1816, Lord Byron left his home in England and, after traveling through Belgium and Switzerland, eventually made his way to Italy, where he encountered, among other things, the Roman Colosseum. “A ruin—yet what ruin!” he wrote in the fourth canto of the long poem “Childe Harold's Pilgrimage.” It...

  • Piranesi As Designer

    A fresh look at the eighteenth century artist and architect Giambattista Piranesi.

  • Welcome To Monticello

    A visitors center by ayers/saint/gross builds on the legacy of America's third president and first architect, Thomas Jefferson.

  • The Sound of the Fury

    New CD presents an aural history of the Bauhaus

  • Architecture of the Night

    Although today the illuminated nighttime presence of buildings, monuments, and urban spaces is not uncommon, this was not always the case—the advent of electric lighting in the nineteenth-century changed that.

  • lamps

    Although Thomas Alva Edison's incandescent light bulb in 1879 is generally recognized as the 'birth' of modern lighting, technological advancements in the industry have been many, and creating a comprehensive timeline is a historical research project of great proportions. What follows below is...

  • The Truth About Thomas Crapper

    It sounds like a straightforward trivia question: Was the flush toilet invented by a Victorian Englishman named Thomas Crapper, and is his name the source of the slang expression for that invention?

  • Architecture of Democracy

    American architecture embodies the ideals of democracy for which our revolution was fought and our Constitution created.