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More stories about Illumination

  • Minimizing SSL Flicker

    Lighting Research Center reports provide guidance.

  • Minimizing SSL Flicker

    The Lighting Research Center in Troy, N.Y., has published a report in the journal Lighting Research &Technology on the subject of flicker and stroboscopic effects as they relate to solid-state lighting (SSL). The human factor studies were funded by the Alliance for Solid-State Illumination Systems...

  • Choosing Illumination Sources

    Selecting the right lamp often can be a daunting task given the numerous factors a designer must take into account. There are external considerations such as price and recycling options. But when it comes to source performance, the designer must first consider the lamp base; next, the shape and...

  • 2008 International Illumination Design Awards

  • Designing the Lit Environment

    There often is a tension between lighting designers who focus on daylighting design and those who concentrate on electric lighting design.

  • U.S. Capitol Dome Goes Green

    A plan is in motion as part of that program to update the exterior lighting scheme used to illuminate the Capitol Dome to improve efficiency, color, and maintenance.

  • Architecture & Illumination Lecture

    Part of an on-going series of public programs presented by the Museum of Arts & Design in New York City that reflect on the connections between architecture and issues of sustainability, history, culture, and politics, on April 3, 2008, architectural historian Dietrich Neumann spoke about the...

  • Lumière Mystérieuse

    Daylighting in the work of sir John Soane.

  • Terminology

    Daylight Dialect: Building a common daylight language will dramatically facilitate the necessary dialogue between architect, lighting designer, client, and contractor.

  • Claude Engle Gives Feltman Lecture at Cooper Union

    Claude Engle, a celebrated lighting designer of more than 40 years, and David Nelson, director of design at London-based architecture firm Foster + Partners, presented their collaborative work in a lecture titled "Drawing Light from Shadow" as part of the Feltman Lecture series on Thursday, Feb. 14...