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More stories about Infill

  • Downtown Turnaround

    A decade ago, downtown Birmingham, Ala., was riddled with vacant buildings and struggling to retain its economic vitality. 


    AUGUSTA—Infill projects will get a big advantage in the competition for Maine’s lowincome housing tax credits (LIHTCs) in 2008

  • BEST SENIORS PROJECT:Public Housing Redevelopment Leads Revival

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—When the Washington Nationals start playing baseball in their new stadium next spring, the elderly residents of Arthur Capper Senior Apartments will have a short walk to take in a game.

  • GRAM Green

    In Michigan, Kulapat Yantrasast of why architecture designs what is set to be the nation's first LEED-certified art museum.

  • Break Out of the Box

    It started in June 2001 with a survey asking neighbors and residents of Seattle’s High Point development which of seven housing types they preferred for the site.

  • Elderly Tenants Pioneer Redevelopment

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - After spending many years in tiny apartments in a deteriorating public housing project, the residents of the Arthur Capper seniors building are celebrating the fruits of a major redevelopment project here.

  • Wraparound Condos Highlight Collaboration

    MINNEAPOLIS - On a small site along 10th Avenue in Minneapolis, adjacent to one of the largest redevelopment efforts in the city’s history, sits the Midtown Exchange Condos on the Greenway.

  • Rehabbed Landmark Revives a Neighborhood

    CAMDEN, NJ. - Every school day, thousands of children come to Camden High School in this city’s Parkside neighborhood. 

  • A Home for Entrepreneurs

    MILWAUKEE - When workers tore down the elevated freeway between North Dr. Martin Luther King Drive and Milwaukee’s increasingly busy downtown, local officials decided to bring new shops and offices to this area of warehouses and vacant lots.

  • Major Sears Site Serves a New Use

    MINNEAPOLIS - The Midtown Exchange, Minneapolis’ second largest building, contains one of the most complex tax credit deals in Sherman Associates’ 28 year history.