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  • Montecito Vista leads redevelopment

    Irvine, Calif.— By allowing more families to live near where they work, a new affordable housing development promises to ease traffic congestion and improve the quality of life in one of Southern California’s major employment centers.

  • Developer breaks new ground

    Oakland, Calif.—Oakland Com-munity Housing, Inc. (OCHI), has found a way to create homeownership opportunities on small urban infill sites that are often tough to develop with affordable housing.

  • 46,000 seek Sec. 8 vouchers

    The demand for housing subsidies became clear in Santa Clara County, Calif., in April when the housing authority accepted applications for its Sec. 8 voucher waiting list for the first time in seven years.

  • Trailblazing bond deal Award-winning San Jose transaction offers new way to boost affordable housing development

    San Jose, Calif. A $66 million bond deal done last year by the redevelopment agency here may have forged a path other municipalities can use to tap their state volume cap in a new way.

  • Urban village grows in L.A. neighborhood

    Los Angeles — In the shadow of downtown Los Angeles, Skyline Village is making a dent in the massive demand for affordable housing because its developer didn’t give up when its first financing plan fell through.

  • Manufactured housing used for infill

    OAKLAND • A nonprofit developer is using manufactured housing to create new homeownership opportunities in the high-cost San Francisco Bay Area housing market.

  • Q&A: A "Half-Timbered" Tudor with Stucco

    Q: Can a timber-framed home have a stucco exterior, with the timbers exposed on the exterior, in the Tudor manner?

  • Installing Suspended Ceilings

    Here’s how to lay out and assemble professional-looking dropped ceilings.

  • By Design: Infill Housing That Fits

    Infill housing — a stylish solution

  • Infill Insights

    When raw land prices climb out of reach, you might want to try an infill project. Here’s what it takes to get it off the ground.