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More stories about Insulation

  • Dow Corning Adds Liquid Silicone Flashing for Rough Openings

    Use the liquid-applied flashing on its own or as part of the Silicone Air Barrier System

  • Working With Thick Layers of Exterior Foam

    JLC editor Clayton DeKorne reviews the latest Department of Energy guidelines on using rigid foam insulation.

  • Next-Generation Foam Board

    Researchers have developed an R-12 per inch foam board, double the R-value of current rigid insulation.

  • Trimming Windows in a Deep Wall

    Careful detailing helps maintain the thermal break provided by the high-performance window, and flaring the sides of the 8-inch-deep window well allows plenty of light to reach inside.

  • April 2015 Letters

    Step flashing; air-sealing; buried outlets; framing roofs; uneven insulation; sealed crawlspaces; window flashing; keeping flat-roof drains clear

  • Sealing a South Carolina Crawlspace

    Coastal Connection visits the job site with specialty contractor Energy One America to see a crew install a vapor barrier and perimeter insulation for a conditioned crawlspace.

  • Moisture in Fat Walls

    Researchers monitor temperature and moisture in a house for three winters to see whether 12 inches of dense-blown cellulose would work as well as the same thickness of medium-density open-cell spray foam.

  • How to Double R-Value Without Adding Insulation

    A lesson in building science tells us why attic insulation needs to be as flat and smoothed-out as possible.

  • On Site with Roxul

    Hammer & Hand owner Sam Hagerman provides useful insights into the use of Roxul insulation, which his company is installing on a Passive House in Seattle.

  • Island House Makeover — Insulating the Skin

    In the teeth of a record-breaking winter, Thompson Johnson Woodworking wraps the shell of a vintage house on a Maine island with an air-tight insulated skin.