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More stories about Insulation

  • Bora-Foam Bugless Insulation Panels

    Most rigid insulation is susceptible to termite damage but Bora-Foam isn't.

  • Fireproof Foam Insulation

    GacoFireStop is the first open-cell foam approved for use in attics and crawlspaces with no additional ignition barrier.

  • An Affordable Passive House - Part 1 - Airtight and Super-Insulated With Familiar Materials

    This airtight, superinsulated home was built using familiar methods and materials.

  • Q&A: Snow on Batts

    Q: I'm going to be removing the existing fiberglass batts from the attic of a moderately leaky older home, doing some air-sealing, and re-insulating with 16 inches of loose-fill cellulose. According to the homeowner, a dusting of fine powdery snow sometim

  • Avoiding Problems With Spray Foam

    To make sure you’re getting a good spray-foam installation, choose a certified contractor and run regular material tests.

  • Compact Foam Sprayer

    Graco claims that the Reactor E-8p Portable Plural-Component Sprayer is the first foam sprayer specifically designed to apply the new no-heat polyurethane formulations.

  • Post Wrap

    Versatex has added 4-by-6-inch and 8-by-8-inch sizes to its precut Versawrap PVC column cladding for rough-sawn wood posts (existing sizes are 4 by 4 inches and 6 by 6 inches.)

  • Fireproofing for Foam

    Intumescent latex-based coating for foam-insulated attic and crawlspaces.

  • Soundproofing an Apartment Ceiling

    How do you make a downstairs apartment quieter when the apartment upstairs is inaccessible?

  • Reflective Insulation

    Reflectix. Reflective Insulation consists of two layers of 5/16-inch-thick polyethylene “bubble wrap” with a reflective foil layer bonded to one or both exterior faces.