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  • Chinese Drywall Update: Insurance Companies Avoid Covering Homeowners

  • MetLife Leads Insurance Company Charge to Multifamily

    The GSEs are beginning to hear footsteps at their back as insurance companies re-engage the market with higher leverage levels and improved pricing.

  • FEMA House Elevation Grants Cause Controversy

  • Insurance Industry Relies on Flawed Models to Set Rates

  • Streamlined Precision

    Fannie Mae has reorganized its affordable multifamily division hoping to speed up deal cycle timelines and maintain a more consistent approach across all of its markets.

  • Beyond the GSEs: Conduits, Life Companies, Banks Grow More Competitive

    While Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac continue to win the lion's share of multifamily business, other capital sources are growing more competitive. Life insurance companies and banks are stepping up to the plate again for certain assets and executions, and even conduit lenders are pricing more...

  • Four Creative Ways to Increase the Bottom Line

    Some multifamily firms have been able to creatively wrestle new dollars, while cutting expenses, by uncovering latent opportunities throughout the downturn.

  • Underwriting Distressed Note Purchases Poses Fair Share of Risks

    Underwriting a distressed note purchase is nothing like underwriting a conventional deal. Understanding bankruptcy and foreclosure laws are paramount, but the toughest thing of all may be determing the borrower's motives.

  • The Long and Short of Small Loans

    Fannie Mae's small laon program recently loosened some underwriting criteria and is offering standard 10-year deals at around 5.75 percent, and seven-year pricing is in the mid-5 percent range. But it's on shorter-term loans where banks are undercutting Fannie Mae.