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  • Congress Closer to Revamping Flood Insurance Law

    The U.S. House of Representatives passed a measure limiting flood insurance rate hikes and delaying the implementation of new flood risk maps. Now it’s the Senate’s turn.

  • Why Does Flood Insurance Pay Over and Over Again on Flood-Prone Homes?

    A coastal Massachusetts home, repeatedly rebuilt with insurance money after damaging floods, draws criticism as an example of what’s wrong with U.S. flood policy.

  • Flood Insurance Rate Rollback Headed for House Vote

    The House of Representatives could be ready to vote for its own version of legislation that will reverse, or at least delay, the coming increase in flood insurance premiums.

  • Private Flood Insurance for Florida? Not So Fast, Say Lawmakers

    Florida lawmakers want to take a second look at a proposed law that would make it easier for private companies to sell flood insurance policies competing with the federally-run National Flood Insurance Program. But one Florida flood insurance provider is already expanding into other states.

  • Some Flood Insurance Rate Hikes On Hold

    FEMA will wait 18 months to hike flood insurance premiums for some “grandfathered” properties, heeding language in the big spending bill passed by Congress in January. But controversy still rages in Congress over more sweeping measures to halt the big rate increases.

  • Raise, Don't Raze, the House

    As work heats up along U.S. coastlines to meet new flood elevations,contractors are jumping in to get new work elevating houses. Reports of dropped houses abound, but one Long Island builder has figured out how to do it right.

  • Florida Homeowners Hunt for Flood Insurance Work-Arounds

    As lawmakers struggle to find a solution for whopping insurance rate increases, some homeowners are finding their own ways to get their homes insured and their mortgages approved.

  • Elevating Houses

    From financing to compacting fresh fill, we take an in-depth look at elevating a home.

  • Congress Delays Action on Flood Insurance Until Next Year

    Senators and Representatives pushing to fend off steep increases in flood insurance premiums came up short in Congress at year’s end.

  • The Adjuster's Tool Kit

    Insurance adjusters are on the road for days or weeks at a time and need to be prepared. Here's what you should have on hand.