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  • Shoe Storage Closet Conveyor

    ShoeSelect is an electric conveyor that packs two columns of shoes in a closet

  • Rotating Shower

    The FlipSide showerhead rotates to deliver four different sprays

  • Affordable Sink, Toilet, and Tub Fixtures

    These sinks, toilets, and tubs provide top-quality design at affordable prices, says the maker

  • Matching Old and New Cabinet Finishes

    Either overstain the new cabinets, or sand and refinish the old ones

  • Eco-Downlight Versatile LED

    The Eco-Downlight delivers 2,200 lumens of light from just 30 system watts of power, says the maker.

  • RetroTreads Hardwood Stair Treads

    If your clients want to replace their carpeted stairs with hardwood, these treads are an economical option

  • Heavy-Duty Pull-Down Ladder

    This attic ladder supports up to 300 pounds and comes in six sizes.

  • Holistic Appeal: 25 Healthcare Textiles to Please Patients and Designers

    Healthcare fabrics have come a long way from tired pastels and dated solids. Six manufacturers have recently introduced textile collections that can withstand rigorous use and wear while possessing modern design appeal.

  • Product: Maharam Healthcare Fabrics

  • Installing Hardwood Flooring over Vinyl

    Hardwood flooring can be installed over existing sheet vinyl if key conditions are met