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  • Defining Your Niche Can Help in Downtimes

    I specialize in custom decks. I switched to this niche last winter, when my backlog of general remodeling work dried up and I had no jobs on the horizon. The suburbs of New York City — where my business is located — were hit hard by the economic downturn; many GCs I knew were going out of business.

  • Texas Apartments Begin Hurricane Recovery

    The day before Hurricane Ike blew through the Texas coast, the Houston Apartment Association (HAA) saw its Web site get more than 2,000 hits as property owners and renters sought safety tips and information.

  • Lighting Industry Website Attracts Members by Word-of-Mouth

  • Juno Lighting Group Launches Energy Savings Calculator

  • Greening Made Easier

    The Natural Resources Defense Council has created a new “Greening Advisor” Web site to help firms “green” their operations.

  • Virtual Site Acquisition

    A new Web site aims to make the land procurement process easier for affordable housing developers., launched in June, is an online database of Qualified Census Tract (QCT) and Difficult Development Area (DDA) opportunities.

  • Industry-Specific Networking Site Continues to Grow

    Networking with other industry professionals is becoming easier to do as new websites pop up almost every day. While social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook keep people connected, UPworld is the first online community geared toward individuals involved in the architecture...

  • Web Site Launches

    Martin Professional and Hinson Lighting both announced new websites in April 2003. Martin has redesigned to be optimized for high-speed Internet connections. The site now features larger images and more segment pages. Hinson launched its first site at where the...

  • Wired for the Next Generation

    The iPod generation has arrived: Will you answer the text message?

  • ASID Launches Redesigned Website

    The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) recently launched a redesigned website,