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  • W.A.C. Lighting redesigns website.

    has updated its website. Products and catalogs can be viewed online. An interactive feature allows visitors to interchange QuickConnect elements in certain collections. Specification and how-to instructions are also available. Visit

  • NEMA Launches Website Explaining Tax Deduction

    The Lighting Systems Division of the

  • Luzifer launches new site

    Spanish luminaire manufacturer Luzifer has launched a new website,

  • Crescent/Stonco Website Improvements

    a division of the Genlyte Group, has announced a new website look which includes improved image quality, and online training sessions, downloadable tutorials and product support features. Visit,

  • New Website for Lighting Professionals is the latest sub-division of, an online 'one-stop-shop' for home construction and remodeling. The website offers thousands of stand alone or mounted indoor and outdoor lights and has a comprehensive browser design that allows you to search by category.

  • Bega introduces Gantry


  • launches the first phase of website redesign

    recently launched the first phase of its website redesign, which includes seven new sections and 60+ pages of new content. The second phase will focus on reformating the product pages and developing the career, training and newsroom sections. Visit

  • Ardee Lighting Launches New Website

    has created a new website. It can be accessed at

  • Crestron 35th Anniversary Product Catalog

    35th Anniversary Product Catalog is now available. Rewritten and redesigned to provide more information and easy navigation, it features 424 full-color pages with a parts index, 14 color-keyed sections, detailed system diagrams and product comparison charts. To order, visit the Literature By Mail...

  • IALD Launches New Website

    the iald launched a new website ( during its th annual iald Education Conference held this October in Alexandria, Virginia. (See 'IALD Conference,' above.) The purpose of the redesign was 'to provide a more efficient, effective, and streamlined website that is easier to navigate,' says...