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  • How To Charge For Overhead

    Forget material markups: This method, successfully practiced for 20 years by an Iowa remodeler, assigns overhead and profit expense to billed time on the job.

  • Tracking Your Time

    A time card can improve the accuracy of your estimates, cut worker’s comp costs, and increase your profit. A custom builder shares his system.

  • Strictly Business: Making Your Bid Stand Out

    Making your bid stand out

  • A Job-Site Office

    A fully wired and heated trailer provides this GC with an organized space from which to run a complex and long-term job.

  • Letters

    Preventing posts from heaving, comments on legal-pad estimating, Andersen windows revisited, more

  • Accounting Habits of Successful Contractors

    A CPA explains how to organize your monthly schedule so that you’re always keeping an eye on job costs — and turning a profit.

  • Calculating Labor Costs

    The hard cost of labor includes taxes, insurance, employee benefits, vehicle expenses, and more. Failing to account for these expenses will take a large chunk out of your bottom line, as this remodeling contractor illustrates.

  • On the Job With Integrated Construction Software

    Are powerful, multifunction construction software packages worth the cost and the time they take to learn? We look at five builders who took the leap and were willing to share their stories.

  • Strictly Business: Fast, Painless Estimating for Small Remodelers

    Simple estimating system for small remodelers

  • Charging For Estimates

    Twelve builders offer solid reasons for bucking the tradition of giving free estimates and tell how they get paid for the upfront work.