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More stories about LEDs

  • Resources

    Books on lighting design

  • Shopping for Recessed Lights

    For a few extra dollars, a typical off-the-shelf recessed fixture can be upgraded to provide more effective light for a variety of tasks. We look at how various bulbs, trims, and housings affect performance.

  • Products

    Cheap live-current tester; underground electrical splice kit; new compact whole-house AC; ICF bolt holder; squeak-free floor fastener; ridge-vent installs with nailgun; undercabinet halogen lights; fancier thermostats

  • Resources

    Fifteen-volume business reference, woodworking primer, bathroom design and construction, HUD design guide

  • Practical Lighting Design

    Excerpted from the recently published Lighting Pattern Book for Homes, this article shows how to lay out and choose fixtures and lamps for improved light quality and better energy efficiency.

  • Kitchen and Bath: Lighting the Kitchen

    Basics of kitchen lighting

  • Products

    Ten-year smoke detector, temporary plastic door latch, quiet attic fan, vinyl railing system

  • Allowance Pricing That Works

    Clients who overspend allowance prices can take a bite out of your profit. Accurate pricing and clear specs are the keys to this system for surviving allowance overruns.

  • Kitchen & Bath: Low-profile Undercabinet Lighting

    Low-profile undercabinet lighting

  • Products

    Fluorescent down light, extra-wide corner bead, retrofit scald protection