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More stories about LEED

  • Number of LEED Homes Has Doubled in Three Years

    California has the most LEED-certified homes, followed by New York and Texas.

  • North Carolina Moves to Sandbag LEED in Fight Over Lumber Sourcing

    Lumber interests are pushing to get North Carolina off the LEED bandwagon.

  • Q&A with Allen Weidman, InfoComm International

    Here's how important sustainbility if to InfoComm and the pro AV community: InfoComm recently hired a dedicated sustainability officer. Read about how he's approaching his job.

  • Lawsuit Claims LEED Certification Is False and Misleading

    Class action suit holds that the "green" project rating system is just a marketing gimmick that harms the interests of non-LEED building performance experts.

  • Walking The Green Line

    MAJOR APARTMENT REAL ESTATE investment trusts (REITs) open up their balance sheet for public scrutiny every three months, offering enough Sarbanes- Oxley mandated granularity into operations, income, and expenses to make the private guy (and even some of

  • Infill Architecture: Urban Infill House 001 + 002

    Annual Design Review 2009: Live: Honorable Mention: Infill Architecture

  • The Legal Risks of Building Green

    The sudden popularity of all things green is exposing builders — whether they know it or not — to new legal risks. There are risks associated with drafting the contract, navigating the permit approval process, and resolving disputes over projects that fail to achieve their sustainability goals.

  • Ratings War

    FOR YEARS, developers have complained that the ?agship LEED for New Construction (NC) pro-gram—originally developed for high-rise commercial structures—was a bad ? t for the multifamily industry, particularly for low- and mid-rise developments.

  • One Bryant Park

    One Bryant Park, located just a block from Times Square on 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue, is scheduled to be the first LEED Platinum–certified skyscraper in the United States. Designed to house the New York offices of Bank of America (BoA), the building aspires to be a landmark, both for its...

  • Performance Points

    Earning LEED certification might become easier for lighting designers as they look to play a more prominent role in the development of new LEED credits and guidelines.