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More stories about LEED

  • Delta Air Lines Terminal A, Boston

    Logan International Airport in Boston currently ranks 20th in the nation in passenger volume, according to its website, and in the mid-1990s it initiated a modernization project, mainly to improve roadways and terminals. To that end, the airport and Delta Air Lines wanted to create “a terminal to...

  • GRAM Green

    In Michigan, Kulapat Yantrasast of why architecture designs what is set to be the nation's first LEED-certified art museum.

  • Delray Lighting | Swing

    This T5 and T5HO linear fluorescent fixture, offered in ceiling, wall, or pendant versions, is energy-code compliant and suitable for projects applying for LEED certification. Its slim 1-inch-wide by 2-inch-high profile and solid surface make for clean uninterrupted lines. The pendant version can...

  • Daylighting-LEED Has Made All the Difference

    Someone brought me a copy of A|L recently, and the article, 'One Word: Daylight' (Jan/Feb 2004, page 17), made me smile. Evidently I had just returned from that daylighting conference back in 1986 when I wrote the editorial for the January 1987 issue (Vol. 1, No. 1).