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  • IALD Takes a Stand on Incandescent Ban

  • Lighting's Latest Nuts and Bolts

    Lighting design starts with knowing what the gear can let you do. Especially with the increasing emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainable design, even small improvements in tried and true products might mean the difference in a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) point or two.

  • Amazing Glass: Part Two, Glass as a Medium

    This is the second in a three-part series about the most important light-managing medium, glass. Part one, which appeared in the July/Aug 2007 issue, examined conventional building glass as it affects daylight and daylighting. Here, part two, discusses glass as a medium for lighting and lighting...

  • NEMA Releases Incandescent Lamp Safety Specs

    The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), on behalf of the American National Standard Lighting Group (ANSLG), has published "American National Standard for Electric Lamps—Incandescent Lamps—Safety Specifications," ANSI_ANSLG C78.60432:1-2007 and ANSI_ANSLG C78.60432:2-2007, which...

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  • What will be the fate of the incandescent lamp? - Part Two


  • IESNY Sponsors Four-Part Series on the Incandescent/CFL Lamp Debate

    On April 21, 2007, The Illuminating Engineering Society's New York chapter held the first in its series of four panel discussions regarding the incandescent/compact fluorescent lamp debate. Representatives from the three major lamp manufacturers—General Electric (GE), Osram Sylvania, and...

  • An Incandescent Truth?

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