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  • Ledalite | PureFX

    Employing the company's award-winning MesoOptics technology, the PureFX recessed lighting system offers controlled brightness and significant energy savings. According to the company, the fixture uses 36 percent less energy than standard recessed fixtures. A range of lamping options include T8, T5...

  • Luxit | Gladys

    Designed by L. Pagani and A. Perversi, Gladys features dovetail sections of transparent methacrylate. Available as a suspension or wall-mounted lamp, the suspension version can be hung horizontally, vertically or diagnally. Utilizing a halogen source, the sections come in yellow, blue, or a...

  • Leucos | Reflex

    Available in white, blue, cream, yellow, lilac, or red, the Reflex family of fluorescent wall sconces is framed in chromed metal and varnished tantanium. It is also ADA-compliant for contract interiors, available in two sizes (either 13 inches wide or 20 and a half inches wide), and able to be...

  • Leucos

    Casting a sublime glow, the Solaris from Leucos is a suspension lamp with a ribbed glass diffuser.

  • Vessel Upgrades Candela Batteries

    2005 models of Boston-based

  • Advance Transformer Turns 60

    is celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2005. The Illinois-based company manufactured the first fluorescent lamp ballast bearing the Advance name in 1945. The company will commemorate its anniversary milestone with a variety of activities throughout the year.

  • Almande Shades

    Offering various shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics, the Almande shades merge the minimal lines of modern tracklighting with the warmth, tone, and texture of classical designs. The shades, cut from silk and sheer fabric materials, easily connect to a track or monopoint system, and can be easily...


    This low-profile, fluorescent emergency ballast features universal input and high lumen output, and operates for up to 90 minutes with a number of lamp types and wattages including: 14W to 54W standard T5 or T5HOs; 17W to 55W standard 8 or T8HOs; or 36W to 55W 4-pin compact fluorescents. The...

  • products task

    electri-cable assemblies |

  • lamps

    Although Thomas Alva Edison's incandescent light bulb in 1879 is generally recognized as the 'birth' of modern lighting, technological advancements in the industry have been many, and creating a comprehensive timeline is a historical research project of great proportions. What follows below is...