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  • Power Spot 05

    This compact die-cast floodlight, part of the SILL family, is most suitable for illuminating faces of buildings, monuments, or any large structure or landscape feature where high-power floodlighting is required. With a 1000W or 2000W metal halide lamp, a focused light source is created with little...

  • Gladys

    Designed by L. Pagani and A. Perversi, Gladys features dovetail sections of transparent methacrylate. Available as a suspension or wall-mounted lamp, the suspension version can be hung horizontally, vertically or diagnally. Utilizing a halogen source, the sections come in yellow, blue, or a...

  • Pulse Start Lamp

    Venture Lighting introduces its NEC-compliant MP 85W Uni-Form Pulse Start lamp. This compact ANSI type-O, high-wattage metal halide lamp provides energy savings, longer life, and significantly more light over time than today's standard 1000W metal halide system, according to Venture. Ideal for...

  • Bright lights go to school

    boyd | product: lantern series |

  • Metal Halide

    Metal halide from Litetronics

  • At the Source: Lamp Options for Retail

    whether boutique or big box, retail design measures its success by sales figures. The lighting in such an environment can contribute helpful visual cues toward the ultimate goal of selling product, including attracting customers, showcasing merchandise, guiding visitors through the store, and...

  • Ceramic Metal Halide Goes Outside

    ceramic metal halide (cmh) lamps were first introduced in 1994 after Philips engineers essentially borrowed a ceramic arc tube from a sodium lamp and put it in a metal halide lamp to create something entirely new. The final product delivered a crisp, white light and better color appearance and...

  • Portfolio

    The petite Portfolio MA339ES adjustable downlight, with 365- degree rotation and 45-degree tilt, utilizes the new 39W BriteSpot ES50 lamp, the most compact metal halide reflector lamp available (comparable to an MR16 lamp). The architectural housing locks in any desired position, even during lamp...

  • Latest in Lamps and Ballasts

    lamp manufacturers are credited with the ability to dramatically influence the lighting industry with a single innovation. From T8 and T5 lamps to LEDs, new light sources often result in new ballasts, fixtures, design approaches, creative opportunities and solutions for lighting problems.

  • Designing Balanced Lighting

    A lighting designer explains why most rooms require light from a variety of sources — ambient, task, and accent.