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    Q: I'm considering a job remodeling a kitchen on a pre-1978 house. The budget-conscious client wants to save money by doing the demo work himself, which I understand he can legally do in his own home. Can I come onto the job afterward and work without following lead-safe work practices, since I...

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    EPA abandons lead clearance requirement; California risks forfeiting home-weatherization funds; Nevada's OSHA program told to ramp up citations; more

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    Q: I'm doing a whole-house remodel on an old home. It's the height of the gardening season, and the owners - knowing that many layers of lead-based paint had been scraped off the house over the years - asked me what I thought about planting tomatoes in th

  • Lead-Safe Video

    If you sat through the eight-hour RRP training course and still can't figure out how to follow the law without going bankrupt, you're not alone.