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  • Leading on Lead: A Rhode Island Renovator Creates a Lead-Safe Shop

  • JLC Report

    EPA delays enforcement of lead-safety requirement; employee-misclassification crackdown; showerhead uproar; more

  • JLC Report - May 2010

    EPA waffles on HEPA vacs; low-E windows melt vinyl siding; drywall ruling favors homeowners; more

  • JLC Report

    Uncertainty abounds as lead-safe remodeling deadline nears; Haiti says no thanks to formaldehyde trailers; U.S. glassmakers lose out to Chinese company; more

  • ZipWall ZP4 Dust-Containment Kit

    Create a temporary dust-containment wall or 'room' with plastic sheeting using the ZipWall system.

  • Dustless Technologies 16006 HEPA Vacuum

    Dustless Technologies' model 16006 HEPA vac meets requirements for the new RRP lead rule, says the manufacturer, and it's affordably priced.

  • Hilti Dust-Collecting System

    As a remodeler who specializes in tile, I work on a lot of kitchens and bathrooms.

  • As Lead Rules Loom, Remodelers Aren't Ready

  • Taking the Lead on Lead

    ALTHOUGH LEAD-BASED paint has been banned for residential use since 1978, federal regulators are concerned about the potential health threat to children posed by lead-containing-dust that may be generated when lead-coated components are repaired or renovated.

  • How Safe is Spray-Foam Insulation?

    Q: I've heard that polyurethane spray-foam insulation may contain penta-BDE, a chemical that is called a "toxic flame retardant" by the EPA and has been banned in some states. How much of a risk does this chemical cause for the installer and the homeowner, and are there alternatives?