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More stories about Lead-Safe Practices

  • Lead-Safe Remodeling With Dust-Containment and Meticulous Cleanup

    The dangers of lead exposure are well documented, so it makes sense to take precautions when disturbing old paint. A restoration carpenter discusses legal liability and shares practical measures for minimizing the risk.

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    Wood dust cancer, EPA stormwater rules, septic alternatives, new salvaged wood supply, solar electric resurgence

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    More on mold, lead paint lawsuits, PEX sprinkler systems, NAHB low-flow toilet study, more

  • Legal Adviser: Asbestos and the Law

    Asbestos and the law

  • Commonsense Lead Safety

    A remodeling contractor describes the practical measures he takes to keep workers and customers healthy, avoid legal costs, and create a clean, comfortable work site.

  • Notebook

    HUD issues lead regs; making drywall from smokestack sludge; new technology yields straighter studs; wastewater disposal in Alaska; more

  • Q&A: Protecting Eyes from Lead and Asbestos Dust

    Q: I do a lot of renovation work in old homes, and the work includes a lot of demolition. I am very concerned about health hazards from lead-based paint and asbestos. I make it a practice of wearing the best respirator I can find. Unfortunately, every type of eye goggles I have tried fogs up when...

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    Asphalt roof-over pros & cons, PT wood myths, preventing wood siding woes, lead paint caution

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    Builder Web services, new housewrap standard in the works, lead information rule announced, R-value of masonry fill insulation, Marvin court case dismissed

  • Successful Fireplaces in Tight Houses

    Want to keep the fireplace from smoking your clients out of their living room? The answer lies in building a straight flue, locating the chimney in the center of the house, and controlling air pressure with makeup air.