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  • Storm Brewing over New Lead Paint Law

    Will other states follow Maryland's lead enacting a sweeping new lead paint law affecting rental properties?

  • Lowe's to Pay Record $500K Penalty Over Subs' Lead-Paint Rule Violations

    EPA continues to bring down the RRP hammer, this time on contractors working for Lowes.

  • EPA Expands Oversight of Lead-Paint Rule

    Will remodelers come to dread a letter from the EPA more than one from the IRS?

  • Lead Paint Makers Could Face The Same Fate As Big Tobacco

    A lawsuit in California that seeks some $1 billion from former lead paint manufacturers.

  • Zip-Tie Tek: The Ties that Bind

    By paying attention to his instincts, Ammar Eloueini now stands among the leaders of the digital design revolution, testing the limits of form and training the next generation of software-savvy designers.

  • Ties That Bind

    When you ask home building professionals what matters most, the critical elements of successful employee retention boil down to three ingredients: a participatory culture, principled leadership, and equitable performance management. The good news, according to the Big Builder survey, is the...

  • Selling Out?

    By Wendy Leibowitz. The reports drive analysts like Carl Reichard nuts. Centex Corp., of Dallas, is a public builder that is not primarily owned by its founders, notes Reichard, and that is one company where insiders are buying.

  • Big Builder Briefs -- September 2003

    By Wendy Leibowitz. Steve Wall, president and CEO, announced the company was expanding into the New Braunfels market, about 25 miles from San Antonio International Airport, by opening a community called North Park Meadows, offering 64 single-family lots. Michael Killeen has been named vice...

  • Benefit of Trees

    By Wendy Leibowitz. Ten builders and developers who made tree preservation a priority in the design, production, development, and marketing of their new communities were honored in August with 2003 Building With Trees Awards of Excellence by The National Arbor Day Foundation, Firewise Communities...

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