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  • Does The United States Need More Immigrant Construction Labor?

    Construction industry lobbyists are pushing for more construction worker visas as Washington takes up immigration reform.

  • Maryland Counties Get Power To Clean Up Nuisance Properties

    A new state law lets counties in Maryland take action on run-down properties, ranging from lawn-mowing to repair or demolition.

  • Will The Shutdown Affect The Housing Market?

    The effects of the stalemate in Washington will likely grow worse the longer it lasts.

  • Standard Writing Groups Sue In Copyright Claim

    Federal courts have ruled that building codes, once adopted into law, can’t be copyrighted. A new lawsuit will test whether that principle also allows free re-publishing of ASTM standards and similar industry-created consensus-based rules.

  • Sandy Aid Money Not Yet Flowing

    Congress authorized funding for Hurricane Sandy emergency relief in January. But the actual money hasn’t started flowing yet.

  • The Light Bulb: A Remembrance of Things Past

    Today, as many governments worldwide begin to enact legislation that will phase out incandescent lamps, the Pace Gallery is paying homage to the iconic, endangered form with a show that celebrates the light bulb's role as an artistic muse. "Burning, Bright: A Short History of the Light Bulb," is a...

  • Congress Tackles Efficiency

    As important energy efficiency bills await Congress' vote, what should the lighting industry expect—and lobby for?

  • Congress Tackles Flood Insurance Reform Agains

  • JLC Report

    Sprinkler foes buoyed by Pennsylvania victory; federal court rejects challenge to revised OSHA fall-protection rules; more

  • JLC Report

    Big builders push for energy-efficiency initiative; remodeling shows signs of rebound; San Francisco battles sewer sludge; more