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  • Florida Senate Advances Property Insurance Rewrite

  • JLC Report

    OSHA moves to limit alternative fall protection; Senate votes to repeal much-criticized tax provision; Californians snap up smog-eating tile roofs; more

  • Opportunity's (Hard) Knock

  • The Community Reinvestment Act Shows its Age

    The Community Reinvestment Act hasn't changed much since it passed in 1977. But the evolution of the banking industry has exposed some flaws in the way CRA is administered.

  • HUD's Chris Tawa Looks Ahead as Agency Refocuses on Affordable

    Chris Tawa, a senior advisor in HUD's office of multifamily housing programs, looked back on the changes he's helped to enact while giving a preview of what borrowers can expect to see out of the FHA in 2011.

  • The Financing Puzzle

    After a depressing 2009, the affordable housing industry needed some cheering up. And several encouraging trends did emerge this year.

  • Face Off

    THE PATH THAT FANNIE MAE and Freddie Mac follow out of conservatorship will be guided by the results of the mid-term elections.

  • Fate of Fannie, Freddie Hinges on Midterms

    A Republican majority in the House of Representatives would have a big impact on not only the content but also the timing of future housing finance legislation.

  • Outlook Uncertain for Tax Bill

    Congress appeared headed for adjournment for the November elections without taking final action on a tax extender bill that includes a number of critical housing-related provisions, including funding for the national affordable housing trust fund and a re

  • Vacant Offices Become Housing

    FITCHBURG, MASS.— An old five-story office building has been renovated into 31 apartments, including eight affordable units, with the help of historic and New Markets Tax Credits (NMTCs).