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  • Sizing Up the FHA's Recent and Proposed Changes

    The most visible changes recently rolled out by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) address higher debt service and lower leverage levels on market-rate Sec. 221(d)(4) and Sec. 223(f) loans. But it’s not just underwriting that’s chan

  • Affordable Housing Lenders to Focus on Preservation Deals in 2011

    Preservation will be the name of the game for affordable housing lenders next year.

  • Tawa Looks Ahead as HUD Refocuses on Affordable

    It’s been a busy 14 months for Chris Tawa, to say the least.

  • Seven Steps to Managing Maturities

    First, search for replacement financing.

  • Conduit Shops Open, But GSEs Still Dominate

    While the CMBS market continues to struggle with record-breaking delinquency rates, several conduit lenders are cautiously re-opening their shops.

  • Non-GSE Lenders Start Gaining Traction

    An interesting trend was buried toward the end of the Mortgage Bankers Association fourth quarter origination report.

  • Thinking Small

    MULTIFAMILY BORROWERS looking for small loans have to look a little harder these days.

  • CPC, IBM Team Up on Construction Financing Software

    The Community Preservation Corp. (CPC), a nonprofit affordable housing lender for the New York City area, is finally getting rid of its spreadsheets.

  • Driven by Refis, Some Affordable Housing Lenders Expand

    While the market for new construction of tax-credit deals remains sluggish, some affordable housing lenders are finding success focusing on preservation deals.

  • The Top 10 Affordable Housing Lenders of 2009

    For many affordable housing lenders, 2009 will be remembered as a year not worth remembering