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  • FHA Bombshell: We're Tightening Our Underwriting

    The FHA has become the most prolific and popular construction debt source since the advent of the credit crunch.

  • All Eyes Ahead

    There was blood in the streets last year. More than 130 banks failed in 2009.

  • Grandbridge Amplifies Multifamily Debt Platform

    Grandbridge Real Estate Capital continues to expand its multifamily operations, both in terms of people and products.

  • Silver Linings

    From his Memphis, Tenn., office, Simon Wadsworth conjures the Oracle of Omaha when assessing the current environment.

  • Strong Medicine

    For the struggling CMBS industry, the medicine may be just as bad as the disease.

  • Reaching Their Limits

    AS THE GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED enterprises (GSEs) continue to dominate the multifamily lending arena, many institutional lenders are shying away from new originations.

  • Mass Exodus

    IT'S GETTING MORE DIFFICULT to find small loans these days.

  • Same as it Ever Was

    SLOW AND STEADY WINS the race, according to Aesop, and nowhere is that more evident than the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).

  • Waiting Game

    KEVIN LARAMIER IS THE director of student housing for Birmingham, Mich.-based brokerage firm Hendricks and Partners.

  • Mezz Grows Costly

    AS BANKS AND OTHER institutional lenders scale back their balance-sheet lending appetite, it’s getting harder to find mezzanine financing.