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  • Amend, Extend, and Hope: Lenders Look to Stop the Bleeding

    As apartment fundamentals continue to erode, lenders are hoping to stop the increase in multifamily delinquency rates through a variety of portfolio management efforts.

  • Multifamily Lenders Struggle to Divine Value, Cap Rates in Volatile Market

    One of the biggest issues facing multifamily lenders today is determining the “V” in LTV (loan-to-value).

  • Conduit Lenders Quietly Reopen with Eye on TALF

    Formerly active conduit lenders are quietly reopening their platforms in anticipation of the government’s TALF program for CMBS.

  • Institutional Lenders Struggle to Compete with GSEs

    As the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) continue to dominate the multifamily lending arena, many institutional lenders are shying away from new originations.

  • TALF CMBS Program Poised for Second-Half Run

    The CMBS portion of TALF is gearing up for a second-half run that many hope will revive the dormant securitized loan market.

  • Proposed CMBS Reforms Could Undercut TALF

    For the struggling CMBS industry, the medicine may be just as bad as the disease.

  • GSEs Tighten Up On Student Housing Deals

    While the student housing market has been a bright spot for the multifamily industry this year, lenders are growing more conservative in their approach to the sector.

  • Cradle to Grave: Freddie Mac Opens the Warehouse, Keeps Defaults Down

    Freddie Mac is focusing on both the beginning and end of a loan’s life cycle to help lenders and borrowers get through the credit crisis.

  • A Sea Change in Underwriting Affordable Housing Deals

    Affordable housing deals have long enjoyed more favorable underwriting than their market-rate brethren.

  • Seven-Step Strategy for Managing Maturities

    One of the biggest challenges facing owners today is managing their loan maturities.