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  • Arbor Appoints Director, Promotes Operations Pro

    Peter Margolin has been appointed director in Arbor Commercial Mortgage’s Chicago office. Margolin will be responsible for all of the firm’s loan offerings

  • Credit Standards Tighten

    Fannie Mae is processing deals hand over fist this year even as it makes significant adjustments to its credit standards.

  • Stand Up to Lenders

    In real estate it’s valuable to know what to do and when. It’s sometimes more valuable to know what not to do and when not to do it.

  • Show Me the Hard Money

    This spring, for the first time in more than two years, Jonathan Daniels’ phone began to ring with calls from apartment investors seeking fast, flexible cash.

  • Waiting Game

    Phoenix — Column Financial, Inc., once one of the largest conduit lenders, is still doing a big business in apartment loans.

  • Miami Story

    APARTMENT FINANCE TODAY talked to Peter Dewes, vice president in the Miami office of Northmarq Capital, Inc., a real estate investment bank based in Minneapolis. He discussed how tightening lending standards combined with the shadow market caused by the condo glut is affecting the multifamily...

  • Increased Apartment Demand, Notes NMHC QuarterlySurvey

    The mortgage crisis and its resulting economic fallout are having mixed results on the multifamily industry, according to the National Multi Housing Council’s (NMHC) latest quarterly survey.

  • Beating Them, and Joining Them

    Orlando, Fla. —“Know thy self, know thy enemy,” advised Sun Tzu in The Art of War. It appears Freddie Mac is taking that advice.

  • Putting the Squeeze On

    Amid the ongoing credit crunch, the most entrepreneurial apartment developers—those who seek the maximum amount of construction debt available for their projects—are swallowing a dose of lowerleverage reality.

  • Rehab Takes Center Stage in 2008

    Acquisition-rehabilitation deals are expected to take center stage in 2008, and Freddie Mac is hoping to share a piece of the spotlight.