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  • Bryan Bell, AIA

    Promoting public interest architecture with a "triple bottom line."

  • Surviving Tough Times

    Take these common-sense steps to help your business weather a slowdown.

  • Give Your Customers Some Credit

    Give your customers some credit

  • Help Your Remodeling Customers Find Financing

    The remodeling business is largely a service business: The companies that give customers the best service tend to get the best referrals. But to deliver truly superlative service, you've got to have all the cards — and in today's competitive market your trump card may be the ability to arrange...

  • Investing in Real Estate

    You've got the skills, and financing is available. You just need to make the first move

  • Plan Ahead With a Buy-Sell Agreement

    Most contractors are so immersed in the day-to-day issues of running a company they fail to protect themselves against events that could cost them or their families the business.

  • In the News

    Kickback settlement; sidewinder recall; boom-market report; CO-leak investigation

  • In the News

    Fannie Mae under fire; an innovative structural system weathers Hurricane Charley; workers' comp crisis in Texas; new nailing requirement in Florida

  • Big Builder Financial Services 2003 Directory

    By Wendy Leibowitz. Large home builders have demonstrated the ability to navigate successfully through tumultuous times during the past few years. Ten years ago, says Lennar CFO Bruce Gross, Lennar had six years of land owned and three years of debt maturity on its balance sheet.

  • Cool Cities Initiative

    In late June, Patterson, N.J., Mayor Jose "Joey" Torres joined representatives from Wrigley Park Development LLC, the Bank of New York, and Fannie Mae to announce the completion of the first home built under the Cool Cities urban revitalization initiative. This pilot project uses energy-efficient...