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  • Bryan Bell, AIA

    Promoting public interest architecture with a "triple bottom line."

  • Opportunity's (Hard) Knock

  • Small Loan Market Improves Heading into 2011

    The banking sector is growing more competitive in the small loan market, as balance-sheet lenders like Chase and Sovereign start to give Fannie Mae lenders a run for thier money.

  • GSE Rates Rise Dramatically as the Benchmark Climbs

    All-in rates on 10-year loans from the GSEs have risen 60 to 70 basis points in the past six weeks, which will likely have a big impact on cap rates, and the acquisition market in general, heading into 2011.

  • MetLife Leads Insurance Company Charge to Multifamily

    The GSEs are beginning to hear footsteps at their back as insurance companies re-engage the market with higher leverage levels and improved pricing.

  • CMBS Market Gathers Momentum

    Berkadia and Walker & Dunlop recently opened their CMBS platforms, KeyBank and Marcus & Millichap closed their first CMBS loans in ages, plus several encouraging signs are gathering for the sector.

  • First Capital Magnet Funds Awarded

    TWENTY-THREE ORGANIZATIONS will receive $80 million in grants to finance affordable housing under the new Capital Magnet Fund.

  • Plan of Attack


  • Endurance Test

    GARY TENZER HAS three primary requirements for clients looking to refinance multifamily assets via the HUD 223(f) conventional loan program.

  • Opportunity's (Hard) Knock

    “NOTHING IN THE WORLD IS WORTH HAVING or doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty, ” Teddy Roosevelt once said. Never was that more true than in 2010.