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  • Paper Plays

    WHY BUY THE PROJECT when you can get a deeper discount buying the paper?

  • More Distress Sales Coming as Banks Return to Health

    With the banking sector continuing to lick its wounds and slowly return to health, more distressed multifamily assets are expected to hit the streets next year.

  • Bridge Loan Market Heats Up

    The bridge loan market is starting to heat up as lenders grow more comfortable with financing transitional assets.

  • Michael Berman: CWCapital to Grow Platform, Enact 'Whole New Vision'

    In a wide-ranging interview, Michael Berman, president and CEO of CWCapital, discusses his company's acquisition by Fortress Investment Group, the state of the multifamily market, and his work in helping to shape our nation's future housing finance system as chairman-elect of the Mortgage Bankers...

  • A Long Time Coming

    WHEN THE FEDERAL Housing Administration (FHA) changes its multifamily programs—some of which have remained untouched for 40 years—the agency doesn’t fool around.


    Eric S. Belsky has been appointed managing director of Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies.

  • How Low Can It Go? Interest Rates on GSE Debt Plummet

    Interest rates from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have fallen 50 basis points in August alone, reaching the mid-4 percent range on 10-year deals.

  • Financial Reform Act's Impact on Multifamily Borrowers Yet to be Seen

    The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act will effect both banks and conduit lenders. But as regulators struggle to reconcile the Act's principles with real-world rules, those effects won't be known for some time.

  • Distressed Note Acquisitions Present Big Risks, Big Rewards

    Investors large and small discuss the opportunites to buy a loan for pennies on the dollar, and either collect the remaining balance or foreclose and own the asset.

  • Sizing Up the FHA's Recent and Proposed Changes

    Some of the FHA's multifamily programs haven't seen changes in more than 40 years. So, in announcing new leverage and debt service levels, the FHA took the opportunity to enact a slew of other changes, and propose a few more.