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  • Sizing Up the FHA's Recent and Proposed Changes

    The most visible changes recently rolled out by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) address higher debt service and lower leverage levels on market-rate Sec. 221(d)(4) and Sec. 223(f) loans. But it’s not just underwriting that’s chan

  • Distressed Note Acquisitions Present Big Risks,Big Rewards

    Distressed note purchases have been eyed by many investors as one of the bigger opportunities in the multifamily arena.

  • Financial Reform Act's Impact on Multifamily Borrowers Yet to be Seen

    The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, signed into law July 21, will undoubtedly impact commercial real estate lending.

  • How Low Can It Go? Interest Rates on GSE Debt Plummet

    If you’re looking to lock up some long-term debt, you should probably look no further than Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

  • Michael Berman: CWCapital to Grow Platform, Enact 'Whole New Vision'

    It’s been quite a year for Michael Berman.

  • Stop the Bleeding

    THE GOVERNMENT HAS been busy.

  • Citi Pilots California Bond Program

    California officials and representatives of Citi have come up with an innovative plan to restart construction lending for affordable housing projects in the state.

  • Bank of America Reports on Community DevelopmentActivity

    Bank of America reported providing $168.2 billion in community development lending and investing, including $147 billion in affordable housing, during the first year of a 10-year community development goal.

  • Seven Steps to Managing Maturities

    First, search for replacement financing.

  • Conduit Shops Open, But GSEs Still Dominate

    While the CMBS market continues to struggle with record-breaking delinquency rates, several conduit lenders are cautiously re-opening their shops.