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  • H.R. 1427

    Establishes the FHFA as an independent agency to regulate Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Federal Home Loan Banks.

  • HUD Hurdles Threaten Affordable HousingStock

    More than 760,000 apartments that now serve some of the nation’s poorest tenants are at risk of being lost as affordable housing in the next three years.

  • Congress Moves to Boost 2008 HUD Funding

    Housing advocates can find good news and bad news in the fiscal 2008 Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) appropriations bill moving through Congress.

  • Fannie Mae Back on Track

    Fannie Mae’s production volume jumped by nearly a third in the first half of 2007 as the government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) improved its loan offerings, added new products, and siphoned off business from conduit lenders.

  • Struggling Through ‘07

    The first half of fiscal 2007 produced significantly fewer Federal Housing Administation (FHA) loans than a year earlier, as the agency continues to focus on niche areas to offset its shrinking basic lending activity.

  • Freddie Streamlines Early Rate Lock

    Freddie Mac has made adjustments to its early rate lock program to speed up deal cycle time and reduce the amount of money a developer has to put up in advance.

  • Sec. 538 the Missing Piece for Meadow Glen

    CAREY, OHIO—Talk about a deferred developer fee: The Woda Group put more than $400,000 of its own money into the rehabilitation of an old rural housing property here while the developer waited to close the last piece of the $3.8 million project’s permanent financing.

  • Q & A

    What new financing programs do you have for developers?

  • Ghost Towns

    The East Side Organizing Project (ESOP) has a creative way of getting a predatory lender’s attention—dumping 2,000 small plastic sharks on the lawn of the lending company’s top executive.

  • Constructive Terms

    Structuring a construction loan can be a tricky proposition, with developers wading through a sea of legal language fraught with potential pitfalls and hidden costs.