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  • The Gathering Storm

    Call it the aftershock refi.

  • Mass Exodus

    IT'S GETTING MORE DIFFICULT to find small loans these days.

  • FHA Courts Affordable Developers

    Tax credit developers are turning to the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) as they get set to ramp up longdormant projects.

  • Same as it Ever Was

    SLOW AND STEADY WINS the race, according to Aesop, and nowhere is that more evident than the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).

  • Affordable, If You Can Find It

    While construction financing remains relatively affordable, fewer deals are penciling out these days, and underwriting standards continue to tighten.

  • Stable Prices, Tough Standards

    Freddie Mac is providing competitively priced debt for the affordable housing industry as it mulls securitizing some of its affordable housing products.

  • Tips on Refinancing Conduit Loans

    TODD GOULET, SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT with KeyBank Real Estate Capital, has been getting a lot of desperate calls lately. About 25 percent of the apartment owners who call him are in trouble.

  • Deal Roundup

    Anaheim, Calif.—Jamboree Housing Corp. has opened Diamond Apartment Homes, a 15-unit green community designed by KTGY Group that provides housing and mental health supportive services for previously homeless individuals and their families.

  • Tightening Up

    FREDDIE MAC MADE SOME BIG changes to its underwriting standards in the first quarter, a trend many see continuing throughout the year.

  • Obama Outlines Spending Plans

    President Barack Obama has outlined a fiscal 2010 budget that provides more funding for federal housing programs, including $1 billion for the national Affordable Housing Trust Fund.