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  • Book: 'ReThinking a Lot'

    Parking lots are a typology on the verge of transformation, says author Eran Ben-Joseph.

  • The New Colonias

    SAN JUAN, TEXAS—Homes made of scavenged wood line the streets of some subdivisions here, where very poor “homeowners” can be thrown out on almost any pretext.

  • Philadelphia Turns to Housing

    PHILADELPHIA - About once a month, Milton Pratt gets an invitation to visit a vacant lot or field of rubble in North Philadelphia.

  • One Great Offer

    By John Caulfield. Ara Hovnanian, president and CEO of New Jersey-based Hovnanian Enterprises, was on the line. Smith, who says he had met Ara Hovnanian a few years earlier, kept watch as Hovnanian Enterprises marched into new markets across the country.

  • Financing Spec Homes

    A builder tells how he uses banks, home equity, subordination agreements, and private investors to get the money to build on spec.

  • Legal Adviser: Protecting Your Logo

    Protecting your logo

  • Laying Out an Irregular Valley Rafter

    A builder describes an accurate, efficient method for figuring the cuts on irregular hip and valley rafters.

  • By Design: Solid-Looking Posts for Raised Decks

    Making tall deck posts look less spindly

  • Backfill: Job-Site Holdup

    A true gut remodel

  • By Design: Bungalow Additions

    Avoiding bungled bungalow additions