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  • In the News

    New coastal window codes puzzle builders, court cuts mold award, selling surplus material for charity, new nailgun rules, more

  • In The News

    Radiant-floor study, builder absolved in liability case, asphalt fumes not carcinogenic, high-tech pigments for cool roofs, more

  • Getting Into Modular Construction

    Building modular homes speeds production, increases quality control, and reduces paperwork, according to this stick builder who made the switch.

  • Cost-Effective Marketing for Builders

    A builder with a fast-growing business explains how co-op advertising provides the extra funds for a high-quality, high-volume marketing campaign.

  • Resources: Bridge Over Troubled Waters

    Contractor's Plain-English Legal Guide and Production Checklist for Builders and Superintendents

  • Notebook

    Fears of a housing "bubble," international code adoptions, smart wiring, recycling Thai railroad ties

  • Q&A: Drywall Disposal On Site

    Q. My excavation contractor offered to bury my scrap drywall on site, but I've heard buried gypsum can create a harmful gas. I've also read that it's okay to bury small amounts if you disperse it. Is it okay to bury drywall on site at all, and if so, what

  • Notebook

    Whirlpool bacteria controversy, critical habitat under review, European lumber imports, Business Tune-Up, more

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    Canadian softwood dispute, mysterious IGU failures, Ford ads attract ire of wood industry, site-built shear-wall details, DeWalt saw recall, Business Tune-Up, more

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    “Visitability” regulations, aging baby boomers, hazardous suburbs, contractors defeat the IRS, an energy-efficient steel wall, more