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  • Going Local

    Packed with an array of options and staffed by 18 "designers," the extensive showroom, located in Lewisville, Texas, has been closed as Centex Homes realigns its business model to target value-oriented home buyers. To better support the company's strategic changes, option centers are now located in...

  • Business: Heard at the Show

    Heard and seen at JLC Live

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    Western water shortages, Weyerhaeuser antitrust suit, cold-weather concrete pours, scheduling part-time office help, California condo comeback, mor

  • Legal: Deciphering Catastrophic Insurance

    Making sense of catastrophic insurance

  • In The News

    Right-to-repair laws, new water heater standard, tougher shingles, award-winning basement

  • In the News

    Wood dust cancer, EPA stormwater rules, septic alternatives, new salvaged wood supply, solar electric resurgence

  • They Want It Their Way

    Every day, volume builders look for ways to cut costs and still create an attractive community. But when it comes to building active adult communities, the prevailing wisdom these days dictates: Don't hold back on the amenities.

  • Computers: New and Improved Tech From the 2003 Builders' Show

    Tech from the 2003 Builders' Show

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    New coastal window codes puzzle builders, court cuts mold award, selling surplus material for charity, new nailgun rules, more

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    Radiant-floor study, builder absolved in liability case, asphalt fumes not carcinogenic, high-tech pigments for cool roofs, more