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  • Innovative Products for Builders & Remodelers

    JLC's annual pick of products designed to help you work faster, better, and smarter.

  • In the News

    Job-site theft on the rise, lumber trade deadlock, hybrid glulam, DOE reintroduces SEER-13 efficiency standard, protecting frogs in California

  • In the News

    Wood and steel prices, prosecuting unintentional code violations, slimmed-down energy bill, using tires in septic fields

  • Letters

    Mold and technique, necessity of building paper, flashlight recommendation

  • In the News

    Lumber trade standoff, builder's contract gag clause causes controversy, simpler energy code in the works, gravel pumping may be in your future

  • Roof Truss Spacing

    Q. We see ourselves as quality builders. We frame everything 16 inches on-center, including roof trusses. Most visitors to our job sites feel that this is overkill and that we're wasting the customer's money. Is putting trusses 16 inches on-center with 5/

  • In The News

    Quality control probe targets builders, opponents slow I-Code advance, aerial photos nail wetland violators

  • Making the Markup Move

    Are you charging what your work is worth? Seven veteran builders tell how they learned to stop undercharging and get serious about turning a profit.

  • In the News

    New ventilation standard, economics of OSB prices, ICFs resist test blasts, after the California fires, green building products

  • Haven Mavens

    When Buz Hoffman finally signed on the dotted line to make his company a strategic partner with Del Webb, the leader in active adult housing, he could barely contain his joy. Del Webb wants to create new business models, expand its brands, build out existing properties faster, and introduce new...