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  • Selling Out?

    By Wendy Leibowitz. The reports drive analysts like Carl Reichard nuts. Centex Corp., of Dallas, is a public builder that is not primarily owned by its founders, notes Reichard, and that is one company where insiders are buying.

  • Man on a Mission: Building Flaws Exposed

    In a nutshell, builders often violate the fundamental laws of physics. Mother nature doesn't like that. The resulting structures -- plagued by moisture, mold, and indoor air quality problems -- have compromised long-term durability. The builders and owners then suffer the consequences.

  • Beta Builders

    By Steve Zurier. A group of beta testers that includes some of the home building industry's leading names is beginning to see the fruits of its work with J.D. Edwards to develop the Homebuilder Management module. Coupled with a new sales front end, J.D. Edwards' CRM (customer relationship...

  • Big Builder Briefs -- September 2003

    By Wendy Leibowitz. Steve Wall, president and CEO, announced the company was expanding into the New Braunfels market, about 25 miles from San Antonio International Airport, by opening a community called North Park Meadows, offering 64 single-family lots. Michael Killeen has been named vice...

  • Benefit of Trees

    By Wendy Leibowitz. Ten builders and developers who made tree preservation a priority in the design, production, development, and marketing of their new communities were honored in August with 2003 Building With Trees Awards of Excellence by The National Arbor Day Foundation, Firewise Communities...

  • Barren Beauty

    At first sight, the 3,800 acres that is Santaluz -- several miles inland from Del Mar in California's Northern San Diego County -- looks pretty barren. But that's the point: Developer DMB, of Scottsdale, Ariz., wanted the place to be different.

  • Dispelling Myths

    As we at WCI go about the business of creating luxurious lifestyle communities, marketing and selling homes in those communities, and providing an unmatched lifestyle environment for our customers, we are frequently reminding ourselves of our obligations to our shareholders. I believe it is...

  • Kitchens That Cook

    That's the kind of test only a chef could come up with; someone who knows his way around a kitchen and, presumably, how to set up a kitchen to make it cook. The results are inconclusive, but Pulte-Las Vegas is hoping that Mauler's star appeal and expertise will lead to a better kitchen -- one for...

  • Battle for Buyers

    An unprecedented 7.4 million homes and condos are expected to be bought this year; nearly a million of those will be new single-family homes. Only this time, it was my hope we might finally buy that first newly built home with all those options so many of us Americans really do dream about.

  • Expanded Membership

    For the first time since its founding in 2000, Builder Homesite Inc. (BHI), the Web marketing consortium of 32 founding builder members has opened its doors to new members. Thomas Krobot, president of Roswell, Ga.'s Ashton Woods Homes' U.S. operations, meanwhile, has been one of a number of...