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More stories about Lumberyards

  • Salt Lake Strategy

    By Pat Curry. When Fieldstone Homes opened shop in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1998, history was not on its side. To make that happen, Fieldstone needed to know the cost of every component of the house and drive out inefficiency.

  • High-End HVAC

    By Cheryl Weber. For years, M/I Homes has been touting its homes' energy efficiencies. Then three years ago, M/I Homes signed on with the EPA's Energy Star program, whose energy conservation standards are 30 percent higher than the 1993 Model Energy Code and 15 percent higher than state codes.

  • Ready, Set, Realtor!

    By Wendy Leibowitz. But reaching out to Realtors, building relationships, and rewarding them for their efforts clearly pays off, says Rochelle Barrow, the Realtor relations director for Royce Builders, and Royce has the numbers to prove it. Royce, which expects to close 2,100 homes this year in...

  • A Town Is Reborn

    By Lew Sichelman. One hundred and fifty years ago, Ramsey was the fur-trading center of Minnesota. Ramsey's city administrator Jim Norman told the paper that for years the town "has been the poster child for urban sprawl," a place where people bought land for inexpensive starter homes.

  • Red Carpet Rewards

    By Reed Porter. Two and a half years ago, we at Trend Homes of Arizona rolled out a red carpet program for our buyers when they move in to their new Trend home. A key component to this program is that we are absolutely committed to not letting the customer move in before the Red Carpet Day.

  • Big Builder News Bits

    By Wendy Leibowitz. Los Angeles-based KB Home announced it had acquired Chicago-based Zale Homes for $33 million, including the assumption of debt. KB Home closed 21,778 homes in the United States in 2002, for gross revenues of a little more than $5 million.

  • Selling Out?

    By Wendy Leibowitz. The reports drive analysts like Carl Reichard nuts. Centex Corp., of Dallas, is a public builder that is not primarily owned by its founders, notes Reichard, and that is one company where insiders are buying.

  • Man on a Mission: Building Flaws Exposed

    In a nutshell, builders often violate the fundamental laws of physics. Mother nature doesn't like that. The resulting structures -- plagued by moisture, mold, and indoor air quality problems -- have compromised long-term durability. The builders and owners then suffer the consequences.

  • Beta Builders

    By Steve Zurier. A group of beta testers that includes some of the home building industry's leading names is beginning to see the fruits of its work with J.D. Edwards to develop the Homebuilder Management module. Coupled with a new sales front end, J.D. Edwards' CRM (customer relationship...

  • Big Builder Briefs -- September 2003

    By Wendy Leibowitz. Steve Wall, president and CEO, announced the company was expanding into the New Braunfels market, about 25 miles from San Antonio International Airport, by opening a community called North Park Meadows, offering 64 single-family lots. Michael Killeen has been named vice...