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  • Q&A: Exterior Door Swings

    Q: Why it is that most exterior doors swing in rather than out? I can think of several reasons why they should swing out: (1) It is more difficult for the wind to get around a door that swings out since it is pressing the door against a seal rather than away from it. (2) An out-swinging door can...

  • Troubleshooting Water Heaters

    Most water heater problems can be solved quickly and at little cost — if you know what to look for. Two water heater specialists explain the step-by-step procedures for finding and fixing trouble.

  • Woodburning Technology Update

    To comply with federal emissions regulations, manufacturers have designed a new breed of wood stoves and fireplaces that burn cleaner and more efficiently.

  • Custom Tub & Shower Enclosures

    Clear glass enclosures make bathrooms look larger and show off the fancy tile work in the shower. Here’s a look at what’s available in mid-priced to high-end units.

  • A Small Builder's Guide to Accounting

    Here’s a painless introduction to the sometimes bewildering world of debits, credits, and double-entry accounting.

  • Kitchen & Bath: Working with Cultured Marble

    Cultured marble polishes its image

  • Q&A: Choosing Deck Woods

    Q: Which lasts longer for deck planking — redwood, cedar, or treated pine?

  • Exterior Trim That Lasts

    Exterior trim should last as long as the rest of the house. A finish carpenter describes the construction details and finishing tips he uses to make that happen.

  • Taking the Worry Out of Drinking Water

    As concerns rise over water quality, more contractors will be asked to provide solutions. Here’s what you’ll need to know.

  • The Lowdown on Low-Flow Toilets

    Ready or not, a federal law that kicks in next January will make low-consumption toilets mandatory in all new residential construction.