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  • Fannie, Freddie Post Record Years, On Pace for Another

    Fueled by a torrential second half, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac both announced that their multifamily volume in 2007 hit record highs, at $60 billion and $44.7 billion respectively.

  • Another Side of Aimco

    DENVER -- Best known for its substantial market-rate property portfolio, Apartment Investment and Management Co. (Aimco) has also claimed a big stake in affordable housing.


    Craig A. Maraschky has been named the new executive director of the Aurora Housing Authority in Aurora, Colo.

  • Putting a Purchase-Order System in Place

    As a financial consultant to small construction companies, I've seen lots of cases where a builder finished a job and the bookkeeper closed the books on it — only to have a late subcontractor bill for that job show up months later.

  • The True Cost of Labor

    The true cost of labor

  • Surviving Tough Times

    Take these common-sense steps to help your business weather a slowdown.

  • PNC Goes Heavyweight

    When PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., completed its acquisition of ARCS Commercial Mortgage in July, it set an aggressive course for 2008.

  • Q&A with Mark Dambly, president of Pennrose Properties, LLC

    Meet Mark Dambly, president of Pennrose Properties, LLC, one of the nation’s most active developers of affordable housing.

  • Truths and Realities About Property Managementand Compliance Monitoring

    Given our positive working relationship—one of the authors is an executive with a property management company, while the other author works for a state housing agency—we can be honest with each other about some of the unspoken realities of our industry.

  • Profiting From Allowances

    I don't much like allowances, which let homeowners postpone decisions that really should be made before the project even breaks ground.